Foto8 to Publish Haiti Stories this April.

They are running 8 portraits with quotes like the one below, it comes out in mid April. It’s a great magazine which really respects photography , and I’m really looking forward to seeing it  in print.

Anne Marie, Main street Port Au Prince

My home is destroyed, I lost my brother and sister in the Earth Quake. It was terrifying houses were falling down around us, you can’t imagine and then everywhere dead bodies and people screaming I  went three days without  water. I  was working on the street when the earth quake happened which is why I am ok, I have to look after my sisters kids now she is dead, I  have no time to grieve, they are weak and not use to sleeping on the streets, I must feed  them, I must work.


2 thoughts on “Foto8 to Publish Haiti Stories this April.

  1. Adrian Nettleship

    You took lights to Haiti? And soft light too. With no assistant? Did it blow over or were you carrying sandbags too? Either way, I’m impressed, and well done on getting the shots printed. Are they out yet?


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